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Duration: 1 day


Distance : 20 miles


An island in the island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a marvelous strip of Ligurian land, transplanted to the extreme south-west of Sardinia…. A day of sailing and sea between the cliffs, inlets and white sandy beaches of the beautiful Island of San Pietro.


Its position and naturalistic richness guarantees an unforgettable trip even in scirocco and mistral days: just choose the right side and... leave!

Without strong winds, the ideal ride, with many stops, is the one in anticlockwise direction, with the following stops:


- To the north - La Punta, the island of Piana. 30 minutes


- Grotta del buco sul soffitto- Tacche Bianche. 30 m


- Grotta delle Oche and Punta delle Oche. 30 minutes


- Islet of Stea and cliffs of Nasca. 30 minutes


- Cala Vinagra 


- Borrona, Cala Fico, l'Orrido, Capo Sandalo


- La Caletta beach


- La Mezza Luna and Conca


- Lucchese beach. Isolotto di geniò


- Le Colonne and Bobba beach.


- Guidi beach


- Secagno


- Carloforte Marina


Once back on the ground, do not miss the walk in the historic center of the town, along with a slice of focaccia and an aperitif on the seafront, before a dinner based on local gastronomic specialties (above all, do not miss the vegetables cascà, the bottarga and other processed-tuna products, the capunadda).








The climate is temperate-warm. Dominant winds are: the mistral from north west and the sirocco from south east. Climate is cool and humid in winter, yet very sunny and dry in summer. Such ventilated marine climate moderates the maximum temperatures.

Mistral wind, in particular, is the most frequent and oftentimes violent: the impetuous winter storms, with gusts of over 100 km/h from North-West, hit the outer coast of the island, sometimes forcing the suspension of the Carloforte-Portovesme ferry line; (The Carloforte - Calasetta line is still active, less exposed to the wind, however with some discomfort from residents and non-residents alike). In summer, however, there is continuous service besides the two regular lines, even at night.

The town of Carloforte is located in a sheltered position (east side) and is not particularly affected by the winter storms.

The port of Carloforte, very well equipped with recreational facilities, is large, comfortable and well protected.

The annual precipitation average is 400 mm for 85 days, relatively low.



- Delcomar - www.delcomar.it



- Marinatour www.marinatour.it 330.430091 vhf channel 9

- Marine Sifredi 0781.857008 vhf channel 15



- Agip (c/o Porticciolo dei Pescatori) 0781.855356



- Ristorante Da Nicolò 0781 854048

- Ristorante A Galaia 0781 854081

- Ristorante L’Oasi 0781 856701

- Ristorante Gastronomia La Cantina 0781 854588

- Ristorante Pizzeria Niko Bistrot 0781 857179

- Pizzeria Ristorante Eos 0781 854727

- Focacceria La Tabarkina 0781 855950



- Pro Loco 0781 854009

- Medical Guard 0781 855666

- Isla Diving 335 462502 www.isladiving.it

- Bicycle rental, Dibe motorbikes http://www.carloforte.it/dibe/default.htm

- Tatù Laundry 349 4014085



Sagra del Cus Cus (April) www.isoladisanpietro.org   

Girotonno (early June) www.girotonno.org

St. Peter's Day (June 29th) www.isoladisanpietro.org

Festival Creuza de Mà (September) http://www.festivalcarloforte.org