One-way, an intelligent journey

The "One way" formula is, in our opinion, the best option for sailing holidays. In a very few words, the one-way trip allows you to land in a different port than that of departure. This way, you have the possibility of reaching more distant places without undergoing the stress of returning "on your steps", proceeding more slowly in order to savor every precious moment. Although it requires a considerably larger organizational effort, we do everything we can to facilitate this type of cruise, knowing that we are offering you a holiday with more opportunities. All you have to do is choose between the periodically offered itineraries and enjoy the beauties and emotions only this type of travel can give.


One-Way Offers

period 18.05.19-25.05.19
one way Carloforte-Cagliari ( free)  60 miles
Oceanis 48 ( 5cab+3wc ) 
price discounted 3.150,00 €
period 25.05.19-1.06.19
one way Carloforte-Cagliari ( free ) 60 miles
Dufour 405 ( 3cab+2wc ) 
price discounted 1.550,00 €
period 25.05.19-1.06.19  
one way Olbia Cagliari ( free  )  150 miles
Oceanis 45 ( 4cab+2wc ) 
price discounted 3.300,00 €
period 25.05.19-8.06.19
one way Olbia-Carloforte ( free ) 
Oceanis 45 ( 4cab+2wc ) 
price discounted 6.000,00 €
period 7.09.19-14.09.19
one way Cagliari-Carloforte ( free )  60 miles
Oceanis 48 ( 5cab+3wc ) 
price discounted 3.800,00 €