San Pietro island

Duration: 1 day
Distance : 20 miles
An island within an island, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, a wonderful part of the Ligurian transplanted to the extreme south-west of Sardinia .... A day of sailing and the sea between cliffs, coves and white sand beaches of the beautiful island of San Pietro ....


South-Western Sardinia

Duration: 1 week
Distance: 140 miles
Easy route and extremely attractive from the point of view of nature in the wildest coast of Sardinia. Recommended for those looking for a quiet holiday made ​​of nights at anchor, bathrooms morning and evening of good food: the choice is wide, you can opt for one of the restaurants on the beautiful promenade of Carloforte where you can enjoy typical dishes of tuna and the famous Cascà, or choose some farmhouses in the mountains of Teulada.


Western Sardinia
Duration: 1 week
Distance: 180 miles

Challenging route, recommended for experienced sailors able to interpret the weather forecast not to be surprised by the mistral in some little protected bay. You will be surprised by the historical and natural gems set in an area of ​​Sardinia to discover


Southern Sardinia

Duration: 1 week
Distance: 150 miles
Easy route that allows you to manage the various stages according to different needs: beautiful bays, beaches and islands form the backdrop to a relaxing and tasty holiday..... From San Pietro island to Villasimius ....


Eastern Sardinia

Duration: 1 week
Distance: 150 miles

Routing challenging due to the lack of shelters to winds of the first and second quadrant. Recommended for those who enjoy long trips with the opportunity to swim in the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Behind the Maestrale navigation will be characterized by heat from the south-east. Difficult with the north and north-east wind